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The Famous Route 66 Zipline SOARS above the nostalgic town of Williams, right along Route 66 and OVER Grand Canyon blvd. and is the closest zipline to the Grand Canyon's south entrance!

1000s of RIDES!

We've given thousands rides in our time in downtown Williams!  Thanks to all those who visited us, we had a blast with them and can't wait to see you!

1,400 Feet of Soaring!

This experience is a good time for all, young and old!  We hope you expect this to be one of the funnest experiences on your vacation to the Grand Canyon Area!  We guarantee it will put smiles on your faces!  Be prepared for 30mph backward, 30 mph forward, 110 feet high and 1,400 feet of round trip with an exciting stop at the end!  It's a tasteful rush to say the least; not too scary and definitely exciting even for those who "have no fear."  We're a great stop on your Grand Canyon Vacation to get out of the car, stretch the legs and feel the wind in your face! 

Unique Zipping Experience!

This zipline ride is different from traditional ziplines where you are strapped in a harness.  The riders only need to worry about sitting back in the seat and we'll strap you in with a dual restraint system that has never failed in millions of runs!  This zipline ride requires no tower climbing or hiking, but is all about flying through the air with excitement and in style to the sounds of music and squealing tires!  It adds a neat aspect of going 30 mph backward, which many people say is the most exciting part.


Purchase tickets on site.
Get on the ride by sitting in the seat.

Two riders go at a time sitting side by side allowing you to share the experience with another!
Operator straps you in with computer censored seat belts.
Once secured on the zipline ride, operator starts the ride.
The cart you sit in starts at ground level and takes you to a 110' tower 700' away across Grand Canyon Blvd.
You'll hear music and sound effects during your ride.
The cart then zips back down to the loading platform where you will have a very exciting stop where your family and friends are waiting to see the excited expressions on your face.
The operator will then secure the cart, disconnect the seat belts and you'll step off the seat.  
You should allow approximately 20 minutes for the experience.  During very busy summer evenings, you may wait for up to an hour. 

Rider Restrictions & Safety Information

A safe experience is paramount at Route 66 Zipline.

  • Maximum combined weight per double chair is 450lbs.

  • Passenger must be at least 107 cm (42") tall and fit securely in the restraint systems.

  • Passengers between 42" and 47" must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Passengers with physical disabilities must be able to be secure in the restraints.

  • All legs must be present to the knee at a minimum.

  • Prosthetics are not allowed on the ride.

  • Passengers shall comply with all warnings and instructions provided by the Zipline Staff.

  • Passengers shall refrain from behaving in any manner that may cause or contribute to the injury of themselves or others, including and not limited to the following:

              -Interfering with safe operation of the ride.

              -Disengaging any safety devices provided.
              -Disconnecting or disabling any safety or restraint device.
              -Throwing, dropping, or expelling any object from the ride during operation.
              -Attempting to board the ride when they or their parent/guardian have reasonable doubts concerning                   their safety or ability to use the ride.
              -Being under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance that affect his/her ability to safely                       use the ride.
              -Disregarding any and all posted or oral instructions of the ride operator.

  • Passengers behaving in any manner that may cause or contribute to the injury of themselves or others will be asked to leave immediately without refund.

  • Medical Limitations​


Passengers with the following medical conditions should not ride the zip-line:

  • Expectant mothers.

  • Persons with neck or back problems.

  • Persons with heart conditions.

  • Persons with high blood pressure.

  • Persons who have had recent surgery.

  • Those with any impairment that would prevent normal seating or use of the safety restraints as provided.

  • Persons with any other condition that they may be aware of that may result in injury or complication.​

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